Exterior scarfing inserts

Piecsa offers a wide variety of exterior scarfing inserts. We have the correct product for each application.


Deburring for interior scarfing

We offer several rings options for internal tube deburring in order for you to obtain the best results of the final product.

Cepillos de alambre

Wire brushes

Wire brushes for tube carding machines and sheet cleaning. We have brushes in existence at our stock for immediate delivery.

Cutting saws

We have cutting saws with different designs, teeth geometry and the most suitable coating for your needs.

Interior and exterior scarfing tools


For a maximum efficiency in the operation of your solid state welding and bulbs for tube welding. We have a wide selection of impeders with different covers; we have ferroglass tube and fiber glass (epoxiglass and silglass) with its several variants according to your welding process.


We have different types of induction coils for vacuum tube welding machines and solid state welders.

We have coils of the following types :

  • Banded type
  • Tubular with teflon
  • Split type

Coil holders

We manufacture coil holders for your vacuum tube and solid state welding, in standard or specific engineering measures according to our clients requirements.

We have coil holders of the following types:

  • Coil holder for tubular antennas coils
  • Coil holder for split type coils

Power nose

They are manufactured in copper and designed to correctly place the coil in the welding area and therefore optimize “V” and provide a low inductance connection for the “zero” voltage drop



Elaborated with manganese and zinc to obtain the exact combination between permeability and flow density saturation which provides a very low loss factor.

Available in 4 configurations:


Tubes (casings)

Available in three different materials according to your requirements for the elaboration of impeders and inductors, providing an efficient durability and temperature resistance.

Available materials:

  • Epoxy
  • Ferroglass
  • Silglass